David's Makeover

David's Story  -  Racine Dream Team Makeover 2018

Congratulations to Vietnam Veteran, David Miller!!!   David served in Vietnam for two tours of duty from 1966-1972 as an MP for the United States Army.  Even in his civilian life, he was still serving those in and around his community. David’s wife saw the announcement for the Racine Dream Team Makeover Hometown Heroes Edition and immediately thought of her husband. She submitted the nomination form and shared his story of the selfless sacrifices  he has made for his country, his family, and his community over the past years.

David has always been a very giving man and accepted his wife’s children as his own – they even call him “dad”. He was a big supporter of the Boys Ranch in Arizona and helped them with their fundraising efforts. She also told of a friend in Arizona who had cancer for whom David donated his time and money to help with the ongoing medical bills. David’s wife said that he never asks for anything for himself – he always puts everyone else first. He has had some medical issues over the past years as well as major dental problems, but rarely complains and is just thankful for every day.

When we interviewed David as one of the finalists, he showed us an original LIFEmagazine from February 9th, 1968. In the centerfold of the fragile magazine was a photo of David carrying out one of his fellow servicemen from combat near the American Embassy in South Vietnam.  It was quite emotional to view that photo and see the obvious resemblance to the man sitting in front of us wearing his American flag suspenders. Then, heightening the moment even more, David showed us a current, January 2018, VFW magazine that featured the same photo (but a different camera angle) to recognize the 50th year anniversary.  We were all tearful as we realized the sacrifice that David and many others have made for our country!!  We selected David as our Racine Dream Team winner to represent our past heroes. Sincere thanks to all who have served and are currently serving!!

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While in active duty, David and his comrades triggered a land mine which lifted them both into the air.  When they came down, his teeth were seriously traumatized from the impact. They were repaired while in the service, but the fix was somewhat temporary. After he completed his military service, the temporary fix began to fail and he needed additional treatment for his damaged teeth.  A local dentist in Illinois helped him with a more durable repair. But after years of various medical and dental issues, David’s mouth is in need of some serious attention.  Due to the complex nature of his problems, the dental clinic at the Veteran’s Administration was not able to offer assistance in treating David’s dental condition.   

We have already completed a thorough dental exam and developed a treatment plan to help David’s overall dental health. He is not concerned with cosmetic dentistry, but rather just wants to be able to eat without pain and be healthy. However, our treatment plan will result in a functional, but also very handsome smile!!  We look forward to working with David and will continue to post updates regarding his progress.  Also, we would like to extend a huge thank you to Popp Dental Lab who has offered to donate the dental lab work that will be needed.  We will recognize other local businesses who join us in providing David with some wonderful  gifts, as well.